Vineyard and land

Lieu-dit Rothstein

Grand Cru Altenberg de Wolxheim

Two very special vineyards ... 


Faced to the South / Western South, the land named “Rothstein” and dedicated to the growing of the Riesling, offers the particularity of a light and red sandstone ground, producing breed wines, with subtle and elaborated scents.

This locality is located on the old royal quarries. They are so called because Louis XIV visited them and extracted sandstone for the fortification of the city of Strasbourg. Vauban, one of his ministers, had dug the canal in 1682 which runs along the "bruche" to transport stones and wines.

Leaning against the Horn’s cliff, the vineyard named « Grand Cru de Wolxheim » looks like a big amphitheatre, measuring approximately 35 hectares and perfectly faced. The most present variety is the Riesling. The land, composed of sandy loam, clay loam and limestone, produce very good wines, breed, harmonious and easy to preserve ones.

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