Fruit brandies

We offer you a wide range of eaux-de-vie obtained from the grapping and elaborated patiently. 
To be served as digestive or as a sorbet (Instance : Sorbet au Marc de Gewurztraminer). 
Special bottles labelled « Excellence » (20cl) and « Bali » (35cl), matching with a very beautiful packaging, 
available with plum liquor and Marc de Gewurztraminer. By command for other fruits.

Vieux Marc 45° - Quetsch 45° (Plum)  - Poire Williams 45°(pear) - Kirsch d'Alsace 45°(Cherry) - Framboise 45°
 Coing 45° (Quince) - Marc de Gewurztraminer 45° -  Mirabelle 45°(mirabelle / cherry plum)

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