Our family, very famous, as all the other ones in this peaceful village, brings passion, care and pride to the vineyard.
From 1970, Laurent Vogt devoted himself to single-crop farming : His love for the land and most particularly for the vineyard convinced him to concentrate his work on the viticultural sector. After buying numerous eclectic pieces of land within all the Wolxheim domain, then Avolsheim, Dahlenheim and Molsheim, he widened the land and began to grow breed plants. Marie-Anne and Laurent gave their vineyard as well as their savoir-faire to their son, Thomas, who relieves now the work with his wife Sylvie. They work as well on the reasoned aspect of the vineyard as on quality.
The vineyard extends itself on 11 hectares certified in Organic culture since 2013 and allows offering the whole line of Alsace’s wines.

The objective for 2020 is to be DEMETER certified (biodynamic culture)

Sylvie and Thomas would be happy to welcome you and have you tasting their specialties.